Residential Cleaning

Residential Carpet Cleaning

Our most popular residential service is our residential carpet cleaning service and for good reason.  Cleaning your carpets is a key component to maintaining both the health and cleanliness of your home and carpet.  Carpets provide the perfect breeding ground for allergens, germs, bacteria and unsanitary soils.  Manufacturers recommend cleaning your carpet every 12-16 months.  Proper cleaning requires professional judgment and know how.  New Dawn Residential Carpet Cleaning Service employs a variety of residential carpet cleaning methods and techniques acquired through thousands of cleaning jobs so you can be confident that we will find the best result for your carpets.  Trust New Dawn Carpet Cleaning Service with your home’s carpet.  View our gallery for many before and after pictures.  We are sure you will be amazed by our work.  We are licensed and insured to give you peace of mind.  Our professional technicians will leave your carpet looking like new again! This is why we are the preferred carpet cleaning company in Chicagoland for thousands of customers.  Give us a call or fill out our contact form to set up an appointment.

Residential Upholstery

Our second most popular residential cleaning service for your home is professional upholstery cleaning.  Dust, pollen, germs, food crumbs, stains, and blemishes can’t be avoided.  New Dawn will provide you with a refreshing upholstery cleaning that will extend the life of your furniture.  Our professional upholstery cleaner will refresh and clean your furniture bringing new life your beloved living space.  Once our upholstery cleaning service is complete, your furniture will be dry quickly so its ready to be used by you, your family, and pets as soon as possible.  Trust New Dawn to take care of your upholstery cleaning.  See our gallery for a number of before and after pictures of our previous work.  We are sure you will be impressed by our residential upholstery cleaning service.  Save yourself some money and contact us to save your furniture.  You will be amazed at how good it looks after we are finished working on it.